Our Services

The Sommers Development Group real estate brokerage and advisory services can help you turn the most complex real estate scenarios into opportunities for growth and success. From buyers to sellers and from investors to business owners, we offer you the strategic knowledge, planning and experience that consistently leads to the best results.

The following components of our services have consistently generated superior results for our clients, especially when contrasted against conventional commercial real estate companies and models.

Complex Commercial and Residential Development Opportunities

The Sommers Development Group has decades of experience and has managed and developed a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential development projects. We oversee and manage the most challenging and complex real estate development projects.

Private Financing Solutions

The Sommers Development Group realizes the importance of access to a broad range of private financing solutions. We have access to a broad network of private financing sources that offer timely and generous financing solutions. Project financing can be one of the biggest challenges, and we specialize in ensuring constant access to a diverse range of project financing solutions.

Perform Economic Impact Analysis for New Commercial and Residential Projects

This is a key factor when working with municipalities and community members to demonstrate the positive and productive economic impact of new real estate projects. The success of many proposed real estate projects involve demonstrating that the new project will have numerous short and long term economic benefits to the community.

Zoning and Environmental Issues

The Sommers Development Group has assisted our clients in navigating through some of the most challenging and complex zoning and environmental issues. Our dedicated team of professionals can assist with providing solutions to the most complex issues in the timeliest manner. We have a network of legal professionals and engineers that can assist with the challenging zoning and environmental issues.

Tax Credits and Advising

Tax credits and advising can be one of the most integral parts of a successful project. We have an established team of professionals that can assist with a broad range of tax incentives, tax credits, advising, grants, and geographic based economic and tax incentives.

Conduct Strategic Land Use Planning and Analysis

When planning and analyzing new real estate projects and potential, Sommers Development Group can assist in identifying the most appropriate and efficient land uses for new commercial and residential development projects. This includes maximizing density while having the least environmental impact.

Excavation and Site Improvements

The Sommers Development Group has successfully managed the major improvements to a vast amount of complex real estate development projects or sites. Our network of experienced, capable and reputable excavation and site improvement firms can assist with the most challenging project site improvements. We can assist with all aspects of timely project management and site improvements.

Residential and Commercial Construction Design and Building Services

The Sommers Development Group has a very experienced team of design and building professionals that can assist with residential and commercial architectural design services and residential and commercial construction building & management services. We have successfully designed and built several thousand units over the past 40-plus years. Whether it is a single family home or a multi-phase planned unit development, we can assist with all of your residential/commercial design and building needs.

Develop Brownfield Utilization Strategies

Sommers Development Group can assist in developing and establishing real estate asset recovery and strategies for alternative land uses with a focus on maximizing short and long term value. This strategy and approach can greatly assist when our clients are considering new real estate developments that involve the reuse of formerly unproductive land that typically presents environmental and other challenges.

“Full-Circle” Comprehensive Approach

Our “full-circle” approach takes a unique approach in the sense that we analyze the entire project from start to finish. We take a proactive and strategic approach from the very beginning to ensure that our projects are a success and a long-term asset to the community.

Our Approach

  • Step 1: Comprehensive Analysis of Project Vision, Goals and Challenges
  • Step 2: Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Step 3: Execution and Management
  • Step 4: Delivering Great Results